Opal Hydrogen Water
Opal Hydrogen Water
Opal Hydrogen Water
Opal Hydrogen Water

Product introductions - Opal Hydrogen Water

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen Water, also known as "Hydrogen Infused Water" or "Hydrogen Enriched Water", is
pure water, added with hydrogen molecules. In science, hydrogen gas is not soluble with water. If,by any means, we can make hydrogen solute inside water, and most importantly, stay steadily and room temperature and normal atmosphere pressure, that is hydrogen water. This concept was first introduced by Prof. Shigeo Ohta from Nippon Medical University in 2007. The health benefits of hydrogen water is now getting more and more accepted and popular from Japan to world.

Why is it good for you?
The 2 main benefits to our bodies are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation power. Tissue
Oxidation and Inflammation are both 2 of the main underlying pathological changes of many
sub-healthy status such as hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia (hyperlipidemia),
hyperuricemia. In particular, it is scientifically clear that Oxidation is highly related with aging process. This poses the question: Where, and how we can practically obtain high quality, powerful and safe antioxidants from our daily intakes. Since 2007, a lot of academic studies and piratical consumption of hydrogen water show lots of health benefits of hydrogen water. It helped a lot of people maintaining well-being as well as those with from insomnia, constipation, dyspepsia, dysphoria and skin problems.

Is hydrogen safe to drink?
There are only 2 ingredients in hydrogen water a). hydrogen, b). water, c). nothing else! The most and thumb of all highlight of Hydrogen water is its safety. Hydrogen is the most abundant material in the whole universe, not only the Earth. The 3 basic elements to make lives are Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. Hydrogen molecules stay in every single organ, every single tissue, and further down, every single cell in our body. Water, as we all know, is the fundamental material in our body, water contribute 70% of our body weight. The worse to worse thing is only you could not feel health benefits in a short period of time, but, there is no safety worry at all! Without hydrogen, without water, there will have no life!

What makes OPAL the best?
What make OPAL hydrogen water outstanding and distinctive are a). The method to make hydrogen water is purely PHYSICAL, not chemical. It is made by a world leading technology -
Hydrokinetic nano mixing, in a plain word: a type of unique mechanical sound wave, powerful
enough to break the so-called "Van Der Waals Force" between water molecule clusters. b).
Produced by this physical method, OPAL hydrogen water is firstly small molecular water which can be very easily and most efficiently absorbed by our bodies and give us almost instant rehydration and a nectarous taste. c). This specially designed powerful sound vibration can afford hydrogen molecules to get into water and most importantly stay with water molecules steadily, therefore the water is endowed with an unparalleled high hydrogen concentration - effective concentration. That is also the reason why OPAL has a very high customer loyalty.

What are antioxidants?
Antioxidants are substances that work interactively with our cells. They protect cell membranes from damags caused by free radicals, which are harmful and highly reactive molecules during our metabolism processes. Antioxidants give us protection, by means of breaking the process of potential chemical destruction in our bodies. Scientific studies suggest that free radicals may play an import role in gene mutation, heart disease, cancer development, and quite a number of chronic diseases. Antioxidants, help our bodies to fight against them.

Servings per pack : 1      Serving size : 260ml                         
Per serving  
Energy                 0KJ
Protein                0g 
Fat total saturated       0g 
Carbohydrate          0g 
Sugars              0g 
Dietary Fibre         0g 
Sodium              0g  

• No preservatives , colours or additives 
• To be consumed within 6 hours of opening  
• For best results the water , It's better to finish as soon as possible,otherwise the hydrogen content may fall below the stated concentration. If you have left it longer, don't worry. The water is still fine to drink, it's just that the hydrogen content may fall.  
Hydrogen Concentration; 1.6ppm
Please open the can gently. Pay attention to the water gushing out when opening the can. Please keep away from electronic products and important documents!
Made in Australia , From 100% Australian ingredients . 
One box:30 cans 
Weight :8.6kg 
Size : 28 * 33 * 15cm
For more information about molecules hydrogen, please visit our resources page!

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