Opal Hydrogen Water
Opal Hydrogen Water
Opal Hydrogen Water
Opal Hydrogen Water

FAQs - Opal Hydrogen Water



What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen Water is simply purified Australia water infused with additional  free-standing hydrogen molecules.  Hydrogen is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas and is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. Our body assimilates hydrogen through ordinary water and foods however  the free-standing hydrogen molecules have been shown to produce many great benefits to the human body. It is hydrogen moleucles not atoms. But special “active” molecules mixed among water molecules. Not incorporated inside water molecules or any other molecules. This small amount of free-standing molecules have the magic power of mighty potential to capture free-redicals inside our bodies.

What are the benefits?

Opal hydrogen water is a powerful antioxidant! Antioxidants have a range of health benefits from assisting in the prevention of oxidative stress (slowing the aging process), improving skin health and supporting healthy bowel function.
Opal hydrogen water is also a superior re-hydrator which rapidly nourishes your body, increases energy levels and speeds up muscle recovery post workout.


Is hydrogen water safe to drink?

More than 10 years of research has been conducted worldwide into the use and benefits of hydrogen water and the results within the areas of health, beauty and fitness have been astounding!
Please refer to our “Resources” section for full details on all medical and academic studies performed on hydrogen water.

Is there a time limit on consumption once the can is opened?

Yes! For best results the water should be drunk within six hours,It's better to finish as soon as possible, otherwise the hydrogen content may fall below the stated concentration. If you have left it longer, don't worry. The water is still fine to drink, it's just that the hydrogen content may fall. 

Why does water always splash out when I open the can?

We fill the cans right to the top so that there's no air-gap at the top of the can. If we left an air gap the hydrogen would come out of suspension into this air gap and escape when you open the can. So, in order to bring you the best product possible, with the highest concentration of hydrogen possible, we have decided to completely fill the cans. 

Will storing OPAL Hydrogen Water in the fridge reduce its effectiveness?

No! Not at all. In fact it tastes amazing when it's cold!
I like to drink warm water, can I warm OPAL Hydrogen Water?
Yes, provided you don't heat it to over 80 degrees Celcius.

Can I use OPAL Hydrogen Water to make tea or coffee with?

No! Please do not boil OPAL Hydrogen Water. The hydrogen will come out of suspension. Of course, if you just want to use it as ordinary water it can be boiled, but not if you want the Hydrogen content to remain!

Who should drink OPAL Hydrogen Water?

OPAL Hydrogen Water is good for everyone!
However - Here is our recommended dosage list:
HEALTHY PEOPLE            1 can per day, before a meal.
SUB-HEALTHY PEOPLE         2 cans per day - one prior to breakfast, one prior to dinner.
PATIENTS                3 cans per day, prior to meals.
People with a HANGOVER       1-2 cans after drinking
SPORTS PEOPLE             1 can immediately after activity in addition to normal daily dose.
OPAL Hydrogen Water is more easily absorbed than ordinary water therefore much better to rehydrate your body after exercise.

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